An introduction

I’ve always been passionate about books, so publishing was the only serious career path I ever considered. Having graduated in English at the start of the eighties, I joined Macmillan immediately after university. I first worked for Nature, the eminent science journal, as circulation manager, then moved to New York to join Macmillan’s music reference division. After three years in the USA, I returned to the UK to manage the marketing of the business’s academic and professional titles. Having left Macmillan in the late eighties, I worked first for the Aga Khan, who had set up a new UK business publishing mainly in the areas of design and architecture; and then the venerable independent publishers Duckworth, where I worked as sales and marketing director. From Duckworth I moved to Oxford University Press, as the head of marketing for the humanities and social sciences, and then to renowned art publishers Thames & Hudson, latterly as head of sales. So mine was a diverse corporate career – from science to art, scholarly reference to fiction, traditional print to digital, and small businesses to large. There was never a dull moment in my thirty years in the sector, and I loved the rich variety of my work. In moving into consulting nine years ago, I have striven to bring the fruits of that experience into my new career.