Business Growth

Whatever its history, its eminence, or its size, no publisher can stand still. In an era of massive change – be it technological, cultural, or economic – every business must be constantly evolving. It must adapt to the needs of the market, and indeed to those of the wider world.

A lot of my advisory work is rooted in business development. Clients may wish to broaden their publishing output – embracing, for example, children’s books or gift products. They may seek to develop new markets beyond the traditional book trade. They may be looking to form new strategic partnerships with complementary businesses. They may wish to experiment with new formats, either based on established publishing practices, or in the digital space. They may want to raise their international profile, whether through better selling, more effective distribution, or more dynamic marketing.

In all these areas – and many more – I have worked with publishers to help them grow. Our industry, despite the momentous changes that surround it, and indeed impact upon it, remains remarkably robust. But this can only happen if businesses are ready to assess, analyse, and adapt.