Working in the arts

In the latter years of my corporate career, and especially at Thames & Hudson, I developed a passionate interest in arts publishing.

In my first role at Thames & Hudson, as head of distributed books, I worked with around forty-five publishers in the field. Our task was to sell and distribute these lists in the domestic and international book trade. So this brought me into harmonious collaboration with lists like Abrams, Aperture, Flammarion, Laurence King, Skira and Steidl – some of the finest visual arts brands in the business.

In parallel with this activity, Thames & Hudson enjoyed similar relationships with an impressive range of museum and gallery publishers: the British Museum, Guggenheim, MoMA, National Gallery of Australia and Royal Collection, to name but a few.

In moving into consultancy work, I have striven to maintain this balance between independent arts publishers, and institutions in the heritage and cultural field.

But regardless of the sector, my client publishers have broadly the same goals. They want their businesses to function as effectively and fluently as possible. They aspire to set the highest possible publishing standards across editorial, design, and production. They strive to be thoroughly attuned to their customers’ needs and expectations, and they wish to promote and grow their businesses through dynamic sales and distribution, together with the most effective marketing and publicity strategies.

In my nine years of consulting, I have worked with arts businesses to realise all such goals; and indeed others too. For publishers and institutions large or small, long-established or brand new, I would be delighted to offer my advice.